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Promoting the role of intellectual property rights in technology and the arts through awareness and tools for inventors.

Many inventors worry about not having money to file patents. Worry no more, Inventiv is providing FREE SOFTWARE TO DRAFT PROVISIONAL APPLICATION.

The software integrates patent search engines with structured guidance through each section of the application. In addition, Inventiv provides educational resources and links for inventors to get help from the Patent Office inventor assistance center and probono program from law schools.

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Inventiv is the foremost organization for providing education, training, software and resources on intellectual property (IP) rights to innovators. Our programs provide training on matters such as the protecting and maximizing the benefits of inventor’s rights, and state of the art mechanisms in developing IP rights for inventors who may not be able to afford lawyers.

Inventiv was founded in 2019 to help inventors all over the world in better understanding and using intellectual property (IP) rights as a tool of economic growth and development.


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What We Do

Our focus has been on providing assistance to individual inventors so that they may most effectively use internationally harmonized legal tools for their own benefit. Our programs provided training for the commercialization of new ideas and inventions, protecting and maximizing protection for innovators, and state of the art mechanisms and software to develop IP for inventors.

Our Future

We delivered on our original goals with the creation of our free patenting tools and software to guide inventors in filing for patent protection.  Inventors all over the world now have modern technology and resources to benefit from global intellectual property rights laws, and inventors are active participants in global trade in the products of the mind.   We now turned our attention to providing continuing education and localization of our free resources and software to inventors in both developed and developing countries who seek to understand and participate in the evolving, global intellectual property system of the 21st Century.


We make the global IP system accessible to every dreamer, innovator, and inventor.


Our people has over two decades of experience working with individual inventors.  We get it that the IP system is confusing and expensive.

As a nonprofit, Inventiv strives to provide services by the most cost-effective means.


While big companies have the resources to protect their IP, individuals do not have the same luxury.  Inventiv is one of the few non-profits that provide free resources and software to help inventors tap into the global patent systems to foster economic growth in all countries.

More on what we do...

  • Educate inventors about the economic value of IP protection
  • Enhance the ability of creative artists to protect and monetize their works through free resources and software
  • Support academic institutions, independent inventors, and small businesses in commercializing their inventions through the IP system through our free resources and software.
  • Conduct research on the economic impact of intellectual property rights.

How we help you

  • Guide innovators on using IP rights efficiently and effectively
  • Provide tools and software that demystify IP right creation for creators and innovators
  • Expand opportunities for all people to harness their creativity and innovations
  • Assist in the economic development of new ideas and expand the global IP systems



When Americans invent, America moves forward, and everyong propers.



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