SBDC Incubator Accelerator For Startup Founder in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a Small Business Development Center (SBDC) incubator accelerator for startup founders in Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. Penn State has SBDC centers and outreach locations across the state. Many of them are affiliated with the SBDC, which provides entrepreneurial services and educational business programs. Once you’ve found the right one, you can sign up for a free program or attend a workshop.

The following programs are all managed by the Penn State SBDC. Each of these programs focuses on a specific type of startup or business. These programs are designed to help entrepreneurs and local entrepreneurs start and grow their companies. They may also offer access to capital and business resources.

IF Lab

The IF Lab is a pilot incubator in Philadelphia that serves as an accelerator for startup founders in Philadelphia. The incubator provides free office space, mentoring, and access to equipment. The program also offers access to a network of investors. The incubator’s goal is to help entrepreneurs commercialize their innovations. It will assist the founders with finding funding, partners, and setting up operations. It also provides access to resources for entrepreneurs who are passionate about using technology to make a difference.

IF Lab offers two programs. The first focuses on developing early-stage businesses and is specifically geared towards minority and low-income entrepreneurs. Founders are given access to technical assistance, business consulting, and technology assistance, and access to working space at the Venture Acceleration Center. The second program is focused on building retail pharmacies. This program also provides access to capital up to $25K and mentorship.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is a business incubator that supports independent designers and entrepreneurs. This incubator’s program connects founders with industry leaders and corporate partners, providing mentorship and guidance.

PSL Accelerator

The Philadelphia Startup League (PSL) is an organization made up of thousands of local entrepreneurs who work together to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Philadelphia. PSL operates an incubator accelerator for startup founders, bringing together these companies and the people who run them to create a new business idea.

PSL also hosts a three-month accelerator program for fashion startups called Philly Startup Leaders. As the name suggests, this program is designed to expose early-stage startups to business coaching, financing, and support systems. It also has a dedicated mentor who provides a wide variety of resources for startups.

Incubator programs are not the only ways to get started in Pennsylvania. The PSL Accelerator partnered with the Pennsylvania State University to launch an incubator program in 2017. The PSL Accelerator is an SBDC incubator accelerator for startup founder in Pennsylvania. The program offers a free workspace, mentorship, and workshops for startups. It has offices in Center City and University City. The company’s website claims it has more than 800 startups under its incubator program, with more than 1,000 mentors on its internal platform.

Another SBDC incubator for startup founders in Pennsylvania is the EO Philadelphia Accelerator. EO Philadelphia assists founders with financial assistance, educational content, and counseling. The program also offers a space at the Venture Acceleration Center and networking opportunities. While PSL Accelerator isn’t as well-known as some of the other incubators in Pennsylvania, it has the same benefits.

Erie Technology Incubator

Nurturing start-ups has always been a key part of entrepreneurial success, but finding the right level of support can be challenging. Erie Technology Incubator offers a unique combination of 1:1 coaching, strategic guidance, and dedicated mentor teams. Its goal is to provide the right level of support to accelerate early-stage technology-enabled companies through their various phases.

The incubator works with startups that address local challenges. In Erie, for instance, Arlene is a company that helps companies engage customers and employees in immersive virtual reality environments. Glass simplifies the embedded engineering process. Leverage4Data is a web-based application for small manufacturing companies. M3 Unmanned Systems combines machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing for agriculture.

The program offers education programs, free advisory services, and a space for brainstorming. It can also help a startup develop its business concept. It will also educate students about intellectual property rights, and the different types of start-up capital available. The Erie Technology Incubator is one of many resources in the region for aspiring entrepreneurs. This incubator accelerator for startup founders in Pennsylvania offers its graduates a unique opportunity to grow their business.

Penn State has SBDC centers and outreach locations across the state.

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Backstage Capital

In the spring of 2019, the Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator Backstage Capital opened a new office in Philadelphia, joining Los Angeles and London. The Philadelphia program provides $100,000 in equity stakes to six startups, as well as workspaces, mentorship, programming, and corporate partners.

During this program, participants gain practical skills that help them start marketing their company and generate leads. For instance, Google Ads can be used to define a customer persona, which is essential to crafting the right messaging. In addition, participants gain insight into Keyword Volume Analysis, which can forecast sales. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to share lessons learned and best practices from their own startups.

The program has attracted the support of major investors, including Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the region’s largest tech investor. The program is also backed by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration. The Ben Franklin Technology Partners fund has partnered with several companies to increase their chances of success. This includes EPAM Systems inc., a software company that makes patient handoffs more accurate and efficient.

TechCelerator Program Incubator

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding, but challenging endeavor. It takes more than a burning desire to launch a business to succeed. You need to be dedicated and have reliable access to resources and knowledge. The TechCelerator Incubator Program offers new businesses the guidance, support and tools needed to launch, enter, and grow their business.

According to the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), 4 out of 5 businesses that begin in an incubator program will succeed within five years. Three out of five new businesses fail in their first five years without an incubator program.The incubator program provides a range of services that help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their business.

The first step is to conduct market research and strategic planning. TechCelerator will assist business owners in evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, advantages, and threats on the market. During this planning phase, companies can set goals and assess the constantly changing market. The market research professionals can also give you a free report on your industry, product, and competition. They will also analyze the segments of the market, potential customers, and even your competitors.

The Incubator Program also provides assistance with accounting practices, office procedures, and human resource planning and management–processes that are critical for efficient and successful businesses in all stages. The Incubator program includes mentors, business support organizations, and a network of professionals with similar interests and experience to guide you on your path and during critical growth stages for your business. Additional features include:

The Technology Center Building at Innovation Park offers flexible office/lab spaces.

High Speed Internet Services

Presentation Center

Conference Room

Copier/Fax Machine

Mailing/Shipping Services

Cafeteria/Lunch Room

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is an accelerator program for startups in the IT, health, and physical sciences sectors. Accelerator programs provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build successful businesses. The resources provide access to ongoing counsel and connections that enable founders of the program to maintain its value. Ben Technology’s technology and investment team will help founders connect with potential investors, customers, and other stakeholders. The experts provide sector-specific guidance and wisdom along with advice to help entrepreneurs leverage the potential of their teams.


Dreamit Accelerator is aimed at startups with a minimum MVP or prototype, and who have early traction. Dreamit invests in Healthtech, Cybersecurity and Real Estate Technology. In return for an undisclosed small equity percentage, Dreamit can invest up to $500K.Dreamit runs multiple programs per year and accepts startups in a rolling fashion. All of Dreamit’s programs are 2-week sprints, either focused on investor presentations or customer acquisition. Over time, they develop customer pipelines and partner networks while strengthening their industry network. The investor sprints last two weeks and include one-on-one sessions with top VC firms. At the end of this program, all startups will pitch to 30 different investors. This increases their chances of getting funding.

 EO Accelerator

Founded by Entrepreneurs Organization in 2005, EO Accelerator is for entrepreneurs who generate between $250K to $1M in revenue through their ventures.The 12-month startup accelerator is designed to help entrepreneurs at an early stage of their business to take it to the next step.The Entrepreneurs Organization provides the startups participating in the program with the tools they need to expand their business to over $1 million. The program also equips the founders with tools that will improve their leadership and entrepreneurship skills.Founders can access structured educational content that focuses on early-stage ventures’ core areas. This program offers a rare opportunity to connect and learn from the most influential entrepreneurs in their field. Upon graduation from the program, the founders will also be able to join EO.


Hercorner Accelerator targets women-led businesses in the consumer, manufacturing, retail, and business sectors. The 12-week program aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to transform their vision into a successful enterprise. Select entrepreneurs can also access mentorship sessions with business leaders who have years of experience in different business strategies. Participants receive a personalized service, which allows them to achieve their own goals. Participants can also get fundraising tips and assistance to secure funding.

IF Lab

IF Lab is a startup incubator that focuses on giving entrepreneurs the resources they need to scale. The incubator program provides startups with strategic consultation as well as access to a pool of experts who can provide technical assistance. IF Lab offers workshops to startups in addition to mentorship and classes. These workshops help them to develop new ideas and scale.IF Lab offers startups a co-working area where they can meet other founders and exchange ideas. The IF Lab program also facilitates access to local business owners and industry leaders who provide additional support.

Launch Lane

Launch Lane, a business accelerator sponsored by Science Center invests in promising technology firms. The accelerator provides up to $50,000 to tech-enabled start-ups to help them move from prototyping to customer acquisition and sales. Launch Lane also provides access to mentors to help founders navigate the product development stage.

The program also aims to help startups create a go-to market strategy that will enable them to secure their first sales as well as corporate partnerships. The Business Accelerator Program also offers information to founders on active investors for startups, terms of deals, and outreach strategies. This helps them secure the next round.


Liftlabs, Comcast NBCUniversal’s startup accelerator program, is a 3 month program powered by the global accelerator a href=””>Techstars/a>. The 3 month accelerator program is powered by the global accelerator Techstars and focuses on startups in the areas of connectivity, entertainment, the future of work, as well as customer experience.Comcast NBCUniversal experts provide training to selected companies. Participants also meet successful entrepreneurs who will share their experience.Comcast NBCUniversal hopes to eventually develop innovative technologies that will shape the future industries.templates for financial models tech startups 5-year pro forma financial model 20+ charts and Business valuation Free SupportView templates


NextFab incubator is an 9-month program for hardware entrepreneurs that are past the ideation phase and ready to commercialise and generate revenue.The program aims to give startups the tools they need to grow their business. Startups have access to workspaces and office furniture, including desks, chairs, private offices, project spaces shared by other startups, and meeting rooms.NextFab provides office space and connects portfolio companies to their professional network. This allows them to exchange business ideas. Participants also get guidance from a community of entrepreneurs and innovators.


OnRamp, sponsored by Science Center is a program that sponsors an incubator.OnRamp is a comprehensive program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs become their first founders. The training is provided by their business partners and alumni of the program. The 8-week program is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs who have ideas and are willing to create successful businesses. Aspiring entrepreneurs are taught how to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists.

The cohorts also learn about different aspects of product development and idea generation. The OnRamp Pitch Competition is held after the 8-week training. Participants who are successful compete for $5,000 in prize money.

PCI Ventures

PCI Ventures, a startup accelerator that focuses on the development of early-stage tech companies through two separate programs. The Upstart Program provides services to help entrepreneurs with the formation and development of their companies. The UPadvisors Program is a program that supports independent companies who want to use the PCI Ventures team. The incubator program provides founders with a forum to exchange ideas and meet other entrepreneurs. The platform also provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet with potential investors.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is a program that targets fashion startups created by talented designers. Their designers-in-residence program connects designers to resources that help them grow their brand. The 12-month program provides designers with the education, connections to business, and mentoring necessary to accelerate business growth.

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator uses their network of marketing and production experts to guide the cohorts in different sessions. A network of mentors provides advice to fashion designers about various aspects of their business and helps them develop professional skills.

Philly Startup leaders

Philly Startup Leaders, a 3-month accelerator program, provides early-stage startups the mentorship, network, and knowledge they need to grow. They expose them to the opportunities of financing, business coaching, and support systems that they need to build successful businesses. Founders selected for the program will also be invited to participate in workshops that combine experiential learning with successful startup leaders. The overall goal of the accelerator program is to increase the number of successful entrepreneurs and the number of startups that are impacted by the community.

Science Inc

Science Inc. is a 4-month accelerator program sponsored by Delaware Innovation Space. It targets early-stage science-based startups. The program offers access to experts who can help startup founders achieve important business milestones. Each company will receive $50,000 in the form a convertible note. All startups will eventually be able to pitch their businesses to investors during Demo Day to raise additional funding.


VIP-X, a student-led program sponsored by University of Pennsylvania, is a student accelerator. The three-month program offers entrepreneurs resources, funding and mentorship. Moreover, VIP-X goes a step further and takes participants through individualized advising and advanced workshops led by experts and mentors. Venture Lab equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset, which in essence maximizes their ability to overcome challenges. Its mission is to spark great ideas and scale innovative concepts in order to create sustainable business.

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