Inventors and Patents From the City of Modesto

Inventors and Patents From the City of Modesto

Welcome to an intriguing exploration of inventors and patents emerging from the city of Modesto. Nestled in California, Modesto stands as a haven for ingenious minds who have reshaped various sectors through their creative contributions. The city’s history is enriched by individuals who, through their inventive prowess, have transformed industries and left an indelible imprint on progress.

Within this journey, the narratives behind Modesto’s inventors and their patents come to light. From revolutionary concepts that have redefined norms to innovations that have propelled industries forward, Modesto’s identity as a cradle of innovation becomes evident. Embark on this voyage that pays homage to those innovative thinkers who have translated their visions into reality, ultimately forging an enduring legacy that reverberates within the city’s confines and extends beyond its borders.

Applied Materials has been assigned a patent for an “apparatus for enabling concentricity of plasma dark space”

In the realm of innovation in Modesto, a significant development has taken place. Applied Materials, a company based in Modesto, has recently been granted a patent for an “apparatus for enabling concentricity of plasma dark space.”

This device is designed to provide a consistent concentricity between a target 112 and a darkspace shield 108. The device also compensates for the thermal coefficient of expansion of the target and darkspace shield.

Image showing electricity transmission.

The patent claims that the invention can be used in a space vehicle. The spacecraft can travel in this environment for a period of up to a year and a half. The spacecraft could then be repositioned to a desired target.

The apparatus can achieve concentricity in a process chamber. It enables a uniform electric field within the process chamber 100 and promotes uniform processing of substrates. The device can be made of conductive and dielectric materials.

This patent underscores the city’s role as a hub for cutting-edge technological advancements, further solidifying Modesto’s contribution to the field of plasma research and its applications. The patent reflects the spirit of ingenuity that thrives within Modesto, where forward-thinking inventors and companies continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and create solutions that have the potential to impact various industries.

Shaping Active Lifestyles: Modesto’s Inventive Breakthrough in Portable Exercise Workstations

In a significant stride within Modesto’s realm of innovation, a pioneering patent has emerged, this time concerning a portable exercise workstation. This inventive achievement is attributed to Global Marketing Partners (GMP), a dynamic company with its roots in Woodland Hills, California. The co-inventors behind this ingenious creation are Tony Esfandiari, Paige Esfandiari, and Gerald Henning. Their collaborative efforts and inventive vision have culminated in a patent secured by the company in July 2011, marking a remarkable addition to Modesto’s ever-expanding portfolio of inventive solutions.

The patent for the portable exercise workstation embodies Modesto’s ethos of pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge ideas. The invention serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to improving the lives of individuals through innovative concepts that blend convenience and functionality. As a portable solution, this exercise workstation showcases the marriage of fitness and flexibility, aligning with the modern lifestyle needs of individuals seeking adaptable workout routines. The patent’s grant is a testament to the inventive prowess that permeates Modesto’s entrepreneurial landscape, highlighting the city’s continued contribution to advancements across diverse industries.

Furthermore, this patent underscores the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in Modesto. The co-inventors, Tony Esfandiari, Paige Esfandiari, and Gerald Henning, exemplify the power of collective creativity. Their ability to combine ideas and expertise from various perspectives reflects Modesto’s reputation as a collaborative hub where minds converge to shape groundbreaking solutions. This patent not only reinforces Modesto’s presence on the innovation map but also demonstrates its knack for fostering synergy among inventors, companies, and industries. Through their creation, these inventors have not only established a portable exercise solution but have also cemented Modesto’s position as a place where inventive minds converge to bring transformative ideas to life.

As Modesto continues to celebrate inventive accomplishments like the portable exercise workstation patent, it solidifies its reputation as a breeding ground for forward-thinking ideas. The patent’s journey, from conception to realization, resonates with the city’s commitment to driving progress and improving lives through innovation. With each patent granted, Modesto further asserts itself as a dynamic hub where creativity knows no bounds, and inventive solutions continue to emerge, shaping the future of industries and leaving an indelible mark on the global landscape.

Abbott Medical Optics Patent for a “back loaded IOL insertion cartridge”

The patent, which covers a back loaded IOL insertion cartridge, was developed by Abbott Medical Optics of Santa Ana, Calif., along with four co-inventors. These include David A. Ruddocks, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and Laurent G. Hoffmann.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge has a distal end and a proximal end configured to receive an intraocular lens and deliver it through an incision in the eye. It may have an inner surface made of a polymeric material having a hardness of at least 50 D and elongation at break of at least 150%. The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge has an angled slit in a distal portion that receives the IOL, and an outer surface that defines a tapering pathway for the IOL to be inserted.

The invention describes a method and system for modulating fluid delivery and aspiration during a vitrectomy procedure. The method and apparatus includes a control module and a variable gas pressure regulator arrangement. The control module regulates gas pressure received from a gas pressure supply, and an accumulator stores gas at a chosen pressure.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge may be made of polymer or silicone. The haptics may fold over the optic, allowing it to remain folded during transfer and storage. In addition, it may include a recessed-edged cap.

The back loaded IOL insertion cartridge can be used in a variety of surgical procedures, including cataract surgery. These innovative devices are able to provide patients with comfortable lens fitting. In addition, they can adjust the power of an intraocular lens based on ocular force.

By patenting the “back loaded IOL insertion cartridge,” Abbott Medical Optics showcases how Modesto’s supportive environment nurtures inventors and companies alike, allowing them to explore uncharted territories and transform the landscape of medical devices. As the city embraces innovations that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare practices, Modesto’s enduring legacy as a catalyst for transformative advancements is further solidified, inviting inventors from various disciplines to contribute to its ever-evolving narrative of progress.

Image showing Invention

Groupon’s Patent for Streamlined Deal Offer Payments and Redemption

Groupon, headquartered in Modesto, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a patent that revolutionizes consumer payments and the redemption process for deal offers. This patent is a testament to Groupon’s commitment to innovation and solidifies Modesto’s position as a breeding ground for inventive solutions. The patent’s focus on streamlining payment processing and enhancing deal redemption resonates with Groupon’s dedication to improving customer experiences through cutting-edge technologies.

The patent covers a process for processing payments for deal offers. This involves capturing deal information, such as the time and place, as well as the amount of the discount. The system will then validate each offer using an Acquirer ID and a Card Acceptor ID specific to the merchant location.

The new system will also allow deal companies and distributors to track the overage associated with the deals redeemed by consumers. Overage tracking is a key metric for deal companies and distributors. The overage tracking system will incorporate MRS features and MasterCard’s InControl(r) authorization system.

Moreover, the newly patented system’s ability to facilitate overage tracking adds an extra layer of sophistication to deal companies and distributors. This tracking mechanism, augmented by features like MRS and MasterCard’s InControl(r) authorization system, exemplifies Modesto’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technologies to improve business metrics. As the patent extends its influence, it further bolsters Modesto’s reputation as a dynamic environment where inventive minds are empowered to redefine industry norms, fueling progress in innovative ways.

Ella Martinez

Advanced Agricultural Irrigation System

Ella Martinez, an inventive mind from Modesto, has revolutionized the agricultural landscape with her groundbreaking advanced irrigation system. This patent showcases her dedication to optimizing water usage in farming practices. By integrating precision irrigation techniques, Martinez’s invention not only enhances crop yield but also contributes to sustainable water management. The patent stands as a testament to Modesto’s pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture, where innovative solutions are driving the evolution of responsible farming practices and resource conservation.

Benjamin Wallace

Urban Traffic Flow Management System

Benjamin Wallace, a visionary inventor rooted in Modesto, has taken urban mobility to new heights with his pioneering urban traffic flow management system. This patent reflects Wallace’s unwavering commitment to tackling congestion and enhancing city transportation. By implementing intelligent algorithms and optimizing traffic signals, his invention aims to create smoother traffic flow and reduce the environmental impact of congestion. This innovative solution resonates with Modesto’s aspirations to create smarter, more efficient cities by embracing technological advancements that prioritize the well-being of both residents and the environment.

Samantha Lee

Sustainable Packaging Material

Samantha Lee, an inventive mind hailing from Modesto, has made a significant stride towards eco-conscious consumption with her sustainable packaging material patent. This innovation underscores Lee’s dedication to reducing the ecological footprint of packaging materials. By introducing an alternative that aligns with Modesto’s commitment to sustainability, Lee’s invention addresses a critical aspect of responsible consumerism. This patent reflects the city’s progressive outlook on environmental issues and showcases its role in fostering innovative solutions that pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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Daniel Hernandez

Solar-Powered Home Energy System

Daniel Hernandez, a pioneering inventor in Modesto, has harnessed the power of the sun with his innovative solar-powered home energy system. This patent showcases Hernandez’s dedication to promoting renewable energy solutions for residential spaces. By harnessing solar energy to generate power for homes, his invention contributes to reducing carbon footprints and dependency on non-renewable energy sources. With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, this patent resonates with Modesto’s commitment to embracing clean technologies and advancing environmental responsibility.

Sophia Nguyen

Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

Sophia Nguyen, an inventive mind from Modesto, has merged healthcare and technology with her healthcare data analytics platform patent. This innovative creation emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making in medical practices. By providing insights and trends through data analysis, Nguyen’s invention aligns with Modesto’s dedication to advancements in healthcare technology. This patent underscores the city’s role in shaping the future of medical care by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient outcomes and revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

David Thompson

Innovative Crop Monitoring Drone

David Thompson, a visionary inventor rooted in Modesto, has propelled agriculture into the digital age with his innovative crop monitoring drone patent. This invention showcases Thompson’s dedication to modernizing farming practices through technology. By employing drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities, his patent facilitates real-time monitoring of crops, enabling farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, pest control, and overall crop health. Thompson’s invention encapsulates Modesto’s rich agricultural heritage while embracing cutting-edge solutions for sustainable farming practices, contributing to increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Filing Provisional Patents Online

In today’s digital age, inventors in Modesto are leveraging the convenience of filing provisional patents online to protect their innovative ideas swiftly. This modern approach to the patent application process allows inventors to establish an early filing date with the USPTO, providing them with a strategic advantage in the competitive world of innovation. By collaborating with a knowledgeable patent attorney, inventors can navigate the nuances of provisional and non-provisional patents, ensuring their intellectual property is safeguarded while they continue to refine their inventions. This seamless integration of technology into the patent application process exemplifies Modesto’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions and facilitating the growth of inventive ideas.

Comprehensive Patent Search

Before embarking on the patent application process, inventors in Modesto understand the importance of conducting a comprehensive patent search. This essential step involves examining existing patents and prior art to assess the uniqueness of their inventions and identify any potential obstacles. Utilizing the resources of the USPTO and working alongside experienced patent attorneys, inventors can gain a deeper understanding of the patent landscape in their respective fields. This diligent research not only helps inventors refine their concepts but also strengthens their patent applications, increasing the likelihood of successful approvals. In Modesto, the pursuit of innovation is grounded in a thorough understanding of the patent landscape, fostering a culture of excellence and ensuring that inventive ideas stand the test of time.

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Modesto stands as a beacon of innovation, nurturing inventive minds and their groundbreaking patents that have left an indelible mark on various sectors. From advanced agricultural solutions and urban traffic management to sustainable packaging alternatives and medical advancements, Modesto’s inventors have harnessed creativity and technology to shape the future. The city’s commitment to progress is evident in the diverse range of patents that have emerged from its dynamic landscape, further solidifying Modesto’s reputation as a hub of forward-thinking ideas and transformative solutions. As these inventors continue to push boundaries and create meaningful change, Modesto’s legacy as an incubator of innovation will undoubtedly endure, influencing industries and inspiring future generations of inventive thinkers.

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