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Many inventors want to protect their huge ideas with the patent system. Yet the cost of patenting can be daunting. To make money with your idea, you must have patent protection.

Inventiv is a non-profit that helps inventors cross this bridge with our educational materials and software. Are you curious about the next step?

Promoting the role of intellectual property rights in technology and the arts through awareness and tools for inventors.

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About Inventiv.org

Inventiv is the foremost organization for providing education, training, software and resources on intellectual property (IP) rights to innovators. Our programs provide training on matters such as the protecting and maximizing the benefits of inventor’s rights, and state of the art mechanisms in developing IP rights for inventors who may not be able to afford lawyers.

Inventiv was founded in 2019 to help inventors all over the world in better understanding and using intellectual property (IP) rights as a tool of economic growth and development.


To make a non tax-deductible bequest, which Inventiv Foundation can use most flexibly, including for educational outreach to inventors, please indicate:

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