Airfoil shape for first stage compressor stator vane

A system is provided, including an airfoil. The airfoil involves a primary suction portion of a nominal airfoil profile considerably in agreement with Cartesian coordinate values of X, Y, and Z of a suction side as put forth in TABLE I to a maximum of three decimal places, wherein the X and Y values of the suction side would be match values that couple with each other to define suction side sections of the initial suction section of the nominal airfoil profile at every Z coordinate value, the suction side sections of the initial suction portion of the nominal airfoil profile are combined with each other to define the first suction portion, the airfoil involves an airfoil length along a Z axis, the initial suction section comprises a first portion length along the Z axis, the initial portion length is less than or equal to the airfoil length, and the Cartesian coordinate values of Y, X, and Z will be non-dimensional values semi to dimensional distances.


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The subject matter disclosed herein relates to compressor stator vanes, and more especially, to a first phase compressor stator vane.

Compressors are used in many different industries and systems to compress a gas, such as air. By way of example, gas turbine engines typically incorporate a compressor to supply compressed air for cooling and combustion. Compressors typically consist of arotor assembly along with a stator assembly. In multi-stage compressors, the rotor assembly might consist of multiple rows (e.g., rotor stages) each row using multiple rotor blades. Similarly, the stator assembly might consist of multiple rows (e.g., stator stages)each row using multiple stator vanes. The rotor assembly was made to rotate with respect to the stator assembly, compressing an intake fluid as the fluid traverses the compressor.

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